Eye Care Services

Range of medical services offered
Gurudev, Shri Ranchhoddasji Maharaj initiated eye care services at Chitrakoot as the first welfare activity in 1950, when the first informal eye camp was organized for the local community. The initial eye care activities were organized under the banner of Tara Netra Daan Yagna (TNY) as spirituality and selfless service marked prominence in all activities undertaken by Gurudev and his followers. The eye care activities organized under TNY were run by volunteer doctors who provided their services in ophthalmic care. As the years went by, the demand for eye care services increased and scores of people from all sections of the society started visiting Chitrakoot for eye care services. As the demand grew new eye care specialties were added one by one to the existing ones. What started as informal eye camps in 1950, over the years transformed into a state of the art 350 bedded eye hospital, the largest in Central India.

  Paediatric Opthalmology

The exclusive paediatric ophthalmic services form one of the unique facets of ophthalmic care provided at Sadguru Netra Chikitsalya (SNC). The range of services offered include, treatment for congenital cataract, myopia, squint, congenital glaucoma and occuloplastic services for children.The Children’s Eye Care Centre at SNC is a one of its kind centre in Central India that offers intensive and quality care by trained paediatric ophthalmologists round the clock.The Center houses a child-friendly OPD and IPD and special children’s play area. It also offers structured fellowship training in pediatric ophthalmology. The Center is equipped with the essential equipments recommended by WHO/IAPB to deliver quality paediatric eye care services. The Center also imparts training to school teachers as part of its ongoing school screening program to detect basic eye ailments especially refractive errors in school going children.


As per the recommendation of the NPCB survey (2002), to prevent serious loss of vision, Glaucoma screening is done for all patients aged above 35 years who access SNC’s services. The Glaucoma Department receives a high volume of Primary Glaucoma which is inherited along with Secondary Glaucoma due to trauma, inflammation, diabetes, retinal vascular disease and hyper mature cataracts.
The Glaucoma Department performs all advanced diagnostic tests for Glaucoma screening such as, Automated Perimetery, Goldman Applanation Tonometry, Gonioscopy, Fundoscopy and YAG Laser Iridectomy. The Department of Glaucoma at SNC performs 2600 glaucoma surgeries on an average annually.

The future sights for the Glaucoma Department include developing in to a teaching and training centre and initiating a large-scale Glaucoma Outreach Screening project.

  Vitreo Renal

Since its inauguration in April 2004, Vitreo-Retina Department has become the largest referral centre in Central India. The department is equipped with state of the art instruments. with full fledged facilities for medical retina and is performing all types of vitreo-retinal surgeries for dropped IOL/Nucleus, macular hole, vitreous hemorrhage, complex retinal detachments
is provided intravitreal Avastin to poor people at a subsidized rate. Department is attending to 200 patients daily and performing more than 50 surgeries monthly. Shortly department is going to start 23 gauge sutureless VR surgery with Accurus Vitrectomy System.

Intravitreal Avastin is provided to the poor at a subsidized rate, 200 patients are attended to daily and 50 surgeries are performed monthly and 23 gauge sutureless VR surgery with Accurus Vetrectomy system will be initiated .



  Cornea Refractrive Surgery

The department of cornea and refractive surgery is well placed. The treatment of corneal diseases covers microbiological investigations of corneal infection, Keratoplasty, amniotic membrane transplantation, Limbal stem cell transplantation and pterigium surgery. The department is equipped to carry out investigations such as, corneal topography, specular microscopy, corneal wavefront analysis and pachymetry. The department of refractive surgery regularly carries out LASIK, PRK, & Phakic IOL Surgery.

  Community Ophtalmology

The Centre for Community Ophthalmology (CCO) was initiated in the year 2002. The services under the umbrella of the Centre include implementing community based projects, training, education, research and advocacy. The Center envisions to add consultancy services in community ophthalmology to other hospitals and organizations in the near future. SNC's mandate has been to work primarily for the rural populace. Ensuring availability of affordable eye care services and creating equal access to them are programmatic imperatives that we endeavour towards. The people living in the states of MP, UP and Bihar that are largely covered under SNC's service area account for more than half of India's economically deprived population. These people are often poor and socially vulnerable and having a member of the family suffering from eye or any other disease gradually extracts a heavy social and economic price on the family, on the community and, as a result on the country. 

The Center for Community Ophthalmology was initiated to conceive, plan and design community oriented eye care projects. The supporting pillars of community eye care, training, research, advocacy and consultancy assist to understand the felt-need of eye care services among the rural populace and create comprehensive services that address the same.

  Community Outreach

Ensuing the enormous need of having basic eye care services available in closer vicinities of the village communities, SNC began reaching out from its hospital precincts to the villages. This was achieved through our multi-pronged activities which over the years have gradually grown to include comprehensive outreach camps, school eye screening program, non-school going children eye screening program, vision center services and eye-health education programs. These activities have positively assisted in reaching out timely and qualitative eye care interventions to the communities.

  Eye Bank

The Sadguru Eye Bank was started on 3, Nov 2007. The eye bank is active in corneal tissue retrieval, processing & evaluation of corneal tissue, storage of corneal tissue and supplying tissue for corneal transplantation.The eye bank is equipped with enucleation & corneal excision instruments, MK medium Eye Bank specular microscope and is led by a team of a corneal surgeon, an eye bank technician and grief counsellors
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