Dairy & Cattle Care


“Our Aim is to provide care to the abandoned cows and to increase the yield of Hygienic Milk”.

The Trust has maintained a Dairy Farm to cater its own domestic requirement of pure milk. The Trust persists high yielding cross breed cows, having total herd strength of 165 (H.F and Jr.) milking cows. The feed for cows is also produced in house by practicing “Organic farming” ultimately feeding affects milk production. The Trust has adopted fully mechanized Milk production which is one of the most hygienic ways of getting milk.

The Trust runs a Gau Seva Kendra throughout the year in which approximately 1100 non-milking cows (the cows which are abandoned by the farmers being unproductive) are provided with shelter, fodder & drinking water. The purpose of this camp is to reduce the mortality rate of cattle in summer due to starvation. Gau-Seva Kendra not only serves the cows within the periphery of its campus but, also conducts cattle health checkup programmes in surrounding villages. A team of service providers go to interior remote villages and provide door to door treatment to cows personally, owned by villagers, which are examined and treated by Qualified Veterinarians.


  • First Digital & Modern Gua Seva Kendra in Satna region, where each cow has own digital card and map , to track cow medical record ,like illness , vaccination , health issue and many more.
  • Providing shelter, fodder, medical aid & drinking water to all Non-milking cows.
  • Abolishing Anna Pratha and provide better facilities to cattle in this economically under-developed rural area.
  • Providing Care for cows in distress and protect, from ending up at slaughter houses or being tranquilized.
  • Propagating importance of cows through the religious significance.
  • Developing better breed of cows.

Shri Sadguru Seva Sangh Trust has maintained a dairy farm for fulfilling its own domestic requirement of pure milk. Here we have high yielding cross breed cows, total herd strength 165 including 90 cows for milk and rest herd comprises heifers, male and female calves. The annual milk production is over 2.65 lakh liters with an average milk production of 700 liters per day. In dairy we keep on record the total feed and fodder which are provided to cows. The feed for cows is also produced in house by practice of using manure, in other words we may say “organic farming” ultimately feeding effects milk production Our dairy productions are also free from chemical substances and is healthy and hygienic.

Milking process here is fully mechanized, it is one of the most hygienic ways of getting milk. To maintain the purity of breed, proven sire’s progeny and prevention from infection of various reproductive system disease, artificial inseminations is also practiced at dairy farm. A proper vaccination and de-worming is being done to prevent the animals from deadly diseases like FMD, HS/BQ etc. Balance diet of feed and fodder offered to every animal according their production and body weight. A veterinary doctor is also providing its services and looks after the health of cows.

Performance 2021-22

Gauseva Kendra Chitrakoot Anandpur Total
No. of Non- Milking Cow 1050 345 1395
No. of Milking Cow 146 24 170
Milk Production (in litres) 325985 47411 373396

Performance 2022-23

Gauseva Kendra Chitrakoot Anandpur Total
No. of cows 1043 353 1396
No. of Milking Cow 150 28 178
Milk Production (in litres) 341709 48841 390950