Community & Hospital Based Program - JKC Chitrakoot

Community Based Program

As part of our commitment to provide health care services to underserved population through reach out endeavours, we are providing our services directly to the community at their door step. We are regularly trying to upgrade our service delivery system at the door step of the community.

Infant mortality rate & maternal mortality rate can be a measure of a nation's health and social condition. It is a composite of a number of component rates which have their separate relationship with various social factors and can often be seen as an indicator to measure the level of socioeconomic disparity within a country. In a state plagued by poverty & food insecurity, the battle to save lives of low-birth-weight babies is often lost. Madhya Pradesh has the highest infant mortality rate in the country.

Services Offered:

  • Free Screening
  • Free Treatment
  • Awareness Program  
  • Immunization
  • Referral of cases for further interventions at JKC
  • Rural Camps in Village’s & Tribal
  • PHC & AASHA Worker Training
  • Senior Citizen Health Care Program (Social Weaker Community)

Hospital Based Program

JKC is regularly conducting the Hospital Based Programs & Camps to provide the benefits to the underprivileged community and also sharing the experience amongst medical community. These programs are very useful to learn recent techniques in clinical procedures. Eminent National & International faculties are invited to perform live surgeries and procedures.

School Health Programmers

The School Health Program is defined as “The school measures that contribute to the preservation and enhancement of the health of children and school personnel, as well as health services healthful living and health education” JKC Conducting Regular Health Cams in Schools.