Testimonials - JKC Chitrakoot

Gayatri Devi

I am Gayatri Devi, 32 years of age, belonging to Mahoba - around 130 Kms from Jankikund chikisalaya. I was suffering from Fever and Lower Abdominal pain. I visited Jankikund chikitsalaya, since I was not recovering from my illness after long treatment of three months at my nearby medical facilities. I was told by one of my relatives about Jankikund Chikitsalaya. I had my surgery for enteric perforations and I am recovered now. Thanks to JKC for giving my life back.


I am Anjula, 26 Years of age, belonging to Naraini which is 50 KMs from Jankikund Chikitsalaya. There are no medical facilities available at my home place. I was pregnant and worried about my safe delivery. The only Hospital in my mind was Jankikund Chikitsalaya as I heard from fellow villagers that it is the one stop solution for Safe Child Birth. Thanks to Jankikund Chikitsalaya as I had safe and healthy child in my lap.


I am Gudiya, 24 years of age, belonging to one of the rural locations of Chitrakoot. I was suffering from CTEV , Anaemia and CPD and I was pregnant. I visited Government Primary Health-care Center that was fivekm from my village and was told that I couldn’t have normal delivery. The doctor at PHC advised me to go to Jankikund Chikitsalaya for caesarean delivery. I visited JKC and had my safe child-birth. I must thank God that such facilities are available to the patients like me.

Phool Kali

I am Phool Kali, 32 years of age, belonging to one of the rural locations of Chitrakoot. I was having a bad obstetric history since I lost my first four children. I am very poor and could not afford hospital care, due to which I always had delivery at my home. I was pregnant again and did not want to take chance again to lose my child. Thanks to Jankikund Chikitsalaya for considering my economic situations and giving me healthy son.

Ganga Ram

I am Ganga Ram, 40 years of age, belonging to Banda that is 80 Kms from Jankikund Chikitsalaya. I met with a road accident last month and I was having multiple Blunt injuries. I took treatment around but I received partial recovery from the problems. Thanks to Jankikund Chikitsalaya for giving me 100% recovery and with minimal costs. I am happy and shall spead the good word all around my place about this miracle place.