Department of Low Vision and Rehabilitation - SNC Chitrakoot


Low Vision Clinic of Sadguru Netra Chikitsalaya offers help to patients with Low Vision through a comprehensive rehabilitative process. By using specialized optics, teaching a patient to see around the damaged part of the visual system and developing a better localization patterns, patients learn to make the best use of their remaining vision, enabling many to return to the daily routines disrupted by vision loss. Our comprehensive, multi-disciplinary approach to care provides a team of specialist are trained to help the patient maximize remaining functional vision and maintain independence in daily living.


Facilities Available

  • Electronic magnification System-CCTV
  • Spectacles: CR-39, Half eye Spherical Spectacles , Prismosphere, Aspheric Spectacles
  • Magnifiers : Stand, Hand held magnifier, Eye loupe/Fresnel/Bar Magnifier
  • Telescopes : Monocular ,Binocular, Reading lamp
  • Non-optical devices: Notex, Reading and Writing guide, Signature guide, Folding cane, Reading stand, Felt-tip pen, Soft lead pencil, Running light

Special Features

  • Special Kitchen training for low vision females to educate them about kitchen tools with contrast and colors.
  • Parental counseling and educational guidance like Brail script
  • Vocational and career guidance to all patients
  • Visual skill development and vision stimulation
  • Orientation and mobility training

Statistics/Service Delivery

Courses Offered

The Training in Low-Vision for Para clinical candidate aims to give the Optometrist a thorough understanding of the Basics of Low vision, to assess the visual demands of Low vision, to examine the Low vision patient and prescribe appropriate Low Vision device for Distance and Near and to assist in counseling and rehabilitating the Low Vision patient. The vast majority of patients with low vision can be helped to function at a higher level with the use of low vision devices. Management of a Low-vision patient does not end with prescribing Low vision device alone. It involves a coordinated effort on the part of the practitioner, patient and his / her family members to recognize the patient’s limitations, and help him / her choose devices that will satisfy the patient’s visual needs. The course helps the Optometrist to get a thorough paractical understanding and hold the confident command over the subject.

  • Short Term Training in Low-Vision


What is Vision Rehabilitation?

These are services which helps the subject or family to understand and overcome the implications of vision loss through various adaptations and procedures.

Who can benefit from Vision Rehabilitation?

Vision rehabilitation is for all age group persons. Pediatric vision rehabilitation serves children between birth and 15 years with incurable vision loss or functional difficulties due to vision loss.

What are the services available?

Services begins with counseling and progressively encompasses age appropriate management services which need customization and are based on the visual and other sensory needs.

Why vision rehabilitation?

Vision Rehabilitation increases the maximum utilization of residual vision, enhances self-esteem, increases productivity of the subject and strives to make everyone a contributing member of the  society.