Supportive Services - SSNC Anandpur

Patient counseling services

Well established patient counseling services at base hospital and outreach camps is an important characteristic of SSNC. Through such counseling services patients are provided with over all information about the disease and types of interventions possible in detail. The trained counsellors play a vital role in reducing the stress and mental strain thus making it easier for the patient to cooperate at the time of surgery.

Medical record department

Patient’s Medical Records are taken care by the Medical Records Department. It is the safest custodian of such important documents in the region characterized by illiteracy; poverty and ignorance. The department keeps track of all the important steps involved during patient’s investigations ranging from registration till the final discharge. Such records play an important role during the follow-up visit by the patient. Well trained professionals take care of all the quality of Medical records in terms of completeness, accuracy and availability at all times.

Laboratory services

Laboratory services play a crucial role in clinical diagnosis. Through the use of modern day equipments and well trained professionals, we provide precise and accurate reports for all the major investigations.  All the relevant tests are performed and the precise reports help in selecting the best course of clinical action in the form of treatment or procedures.

Catering Services

The trust is laid on the firm vision of “Providing food to the hungry”. We therefore take care of all the nutritional requirement of the patients irrespective of their paying capacity, cast, creed or religion. The quality food rich in nutrients are served to the patients thrice a day. Catering services are handled by the professional volunteers who make sure that no body sleeps with an empty stomach.

Optical Services

Optical services are provided to all the patients irrespective of their paying capacity. The well trained staff at the optical workshop have gained expertise in addressing to a wide range of requirements on part of patients. The spectacle workshop provides the customer with a variety of options to choose   from for perfect vision.


For refreshments, there is one fast food corner available for patient’s attendants where all vegetarian food items are available at minimal cost.

Laundry Services

All the hospital linen is taken care of by the Laundry department which cleans, dry, sterilize and disinfect the linen. Modern laundry machines are installed within the premise but at a safer location to provide the best Laundry services round the clock.


All the essential medicines are made available to free and paying patient through hospital pharmacy and a commercial medical store.

Other Miscellaneous Services

Housekeeping services, Departmental store, Banking, fruits & vegetables, STD & PCO, Generators, water treatment plant, Air cooled Environment etc. are also available to the patients.