Vision & Mission


'Service to Humanity'


'Food for the hungry, clothes for the destitute and sight for the blind’

Major practices:

  • To reduce avoidable blindness rate in Central  India.
  • Strengthening of Healthcare Services in the rural part of Central India.
  • To provide ‘Education to all’  irrespective of Caste, Creed, Religion in order to maintain the culture and dignity of the nation with an aim to contribute in development of society and the Nation.
  • To strengthen the socio-economic status of the community in the surrounding region by providing employment to the rural youth community.
  • Empowering illiterate women by providing them a source of earning.
  • To create  green environment by planting  trees every year.
  • To provide free cattle care services to prevent them from starvation.
  • To conduct relief camps during Natural calamities like Draught, Flood etc.