Women Empowerment

“Our Aim is to make women self-reliant and raise the standard of their family - by imparting skills, providing them training and a platform to avail of employment opportunities”.

Empowering rural women has been the prime objective of Shri Sadguru Seva Sangh Trust since inception with a belief that, if one woman is empowered, whole family gets empowered. We are not only making a difference to Women’s life but the whole family is being motivated to be a part of CHANGE.

A concept dedicated to the social – economic upliftment of rural women was conceived by Late Shri Arvindbhai N. Mafatlal with the objective of improving the status of women in rural societies. The Village women are organized into SELF HELP GROUPS called Samitis, which collectively prepare household products that are later outsourced to retail stores/outlets in the neighboring towns & cities and
the revenue earned is distributed to members respectively.

This Concept has enabled scores of women to become financially independent.

Focuses on

  • Economic Welfare of women
  • Skill development through training
  • Provide Vocational Training & opportunity to work
  • Generating Self Employment
  • Enhancing the Rural Standard of Living
  • Maximum Participation from rural community
  • Setting a trend in local rural area


Sadguru Mahila Bahu Uddeshiya Sahkari Samiti Maryadit.


  • Dedicated to the social & economic upliftment of rural women.
  • Has enabled scores of village women to become financially independent and be one of the earning members of their house.
  • Ensuring participation of women from local rural community.
  • Making them work with enthusiasm and self-confidence.
  • Putting efforts to make them work with objective of continuous improvement and learning.

Vocational Training

The Trust is working in the direction of women empowerment not only through Mahila Samiti, but also there are other ways by which the objective of Women empowerment is fulfilled. Trust had put forth its best efforts by looking at the situation of women, gender inequalities that existed in rural area, special programmes for women are formulated and organized to up lift them and join the mainstream women into economic activities esp. through Vocational Training Programmes.

  • To impart skills and training which consequently leads to self-employment.
  • To promote the women employment by increasing their participation in skill training facilities.
  • To provide skill transfer in their area of interest and expertise.
  • To provide training and later, turn them as instructors for providing training to others.
  • To establish a chain of skill, transfer which helps in breaking the vicious circle of poverty.
  • To make the women realize her importance & status in society
  • To achieve these objectives, exclusive orientation schemes and programmes are organized time to time.


Shri Sadguru Sankalp Mahila Samiti


  • Vocational training to rural women so that she can become a bread-earning member for her family.
  • Provides nursing training and employment to the rural women and enhance their socio-economic image.
  • Promote socio-economic well-being of rural women.
  • Providing Skill based training to open new opportunities of earning livelihood.